eMpower Tools

This product series is a part of our basic toolkit and allows our customers to be able to see what is happening with their campaigns at the click of a button. All these products are available online, are access protected and provide the most current picture updated to the last month. This product series is the core of the efficient administrative controls that our clients expect us to deliver. It picks up data from various sources and compiles them into one single dashboard allowing for simple viewing of information.

Product Descriptions:

EnVision: This is a one-look dashboard that allows the brand team to view the following at a glance: annual budget, used up budget, balances available; campaign budget, GRPs delivered, reach @, average frequency, test-copy results, copy usage, budget by medium, pictures of OOH bought, print purchased. These can be broken down by region or audience allowing for editing of budgets, updates of actuals.

EnCompass: This dashboard is the brand’s view of competitive activity. It allows the brand team, management team at the client organization, and the team at the agency to view the latest on competitive activity. This dashboard has 2 sections; Annual and Breaking. Annual section has all of competing brands’ activity available at one glance broken down by Campaign, Month, Brand and Company. It can be broken down by region or audience type for comparison.

EnGauge: This dashboard provides a summary of what has been achieved during the last month. It has all the details of space purchased, compared against targets across all mediums. These could be viewed in measurement across the spectrum of spots by time to GRPs and Reach delivered by region. This will also have clips of the value-addition, their valuation and clips of the material.

EnTitle: This dashboard is a Schedule Creation tool for Print medium. It works on Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor Sites and Shop Signs. It builds an inventory of assets by geographic region (see if we can map print and OOH coverage) and a broad audience by SEC. It also projects audiences based on past data via traffic counts and readership.

EnTice: This is a tool that creates correlation between media habits and product in the pantry. Answer to this question is taken through Media Habits Survey. It is only collected for us and the pantry check is only related to the categories that we work with. This piece of data has a few implications.

1. We can find out that brand that is actually being used
2. Whether this is a 1st time purchase or a regular purchase
3. What is the usage pattern? Heavy, medium or light?
4. Track advertising behaviour of the individual/ family
5. Compare our advertising vs. competition (if it is competition brand in pantry)
6. Correlate with actual Sales Data (for projection confirmation)
7. Setup Brand Targets