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We provide business critical services to companies operating in the space of media and advertising, while supporting small & medium enterprises

About Us

MHL is known in the media and advertising fraternity as a pathfinder, leading its partners through growth challenges. With a strong portfolio of strategic services, MHL has grown from a media support start-up to a success story.

Our services

MHL provides strategy-intensive services to clients in the media space. Our clients are companies in the advertising sector, both creative and media specialists. We also work with media startups helping them develop successful combinations of human resources, content-development and marketing mix strategies.

Content & Community management

From format shows to branded entertainment and much more, we have developed a strong reputation for being the go-to company for quality content. Read more


It is vital for an agency to be ideally positioned. A smart positioning is ideal to attracting the right clients and setting the stage for success. MHL   Read more

Niche platforms

MHL builds and owns digital platforms which offer a plethora of engagement opportunities with unique audiences. Our current portfolio covers niche interests such as music, fashion & weddings,...  Read more

Proprietary agency tools

This product series is a part of our basic toolkit and allows our customers to be able to see what is happening with their campaigns at the click of a button Read more


Activ8 offers MHL clients the expertise to embrace all that is digital. From digital strategy to content development, and from website designing to app development.. Read more

Our People

As a service provider, MHL is in the business of creating excellence for its partners. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our human resource, hiring and developing the smartest and the most talented. With skill development and professional training at the core of our ehtos, MHL is a top-talent powerhouse.

Raihan Ali Merchant
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Mike Readman
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Taqui Abbas
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Faisal Sheikh
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Ravishankar C K
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MHL offices are spread across the region with a total of 12 locations

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Location :
Suite G11, Building 5, Dubai Media City
Dubai, UAE

Email :
Office - info@mhlglobal.com
Support - support@mhlglobal.com

Phone :
Landline - +971 44475707
Fax - +971 44475119


For careers at MHL Global, please contact Ravishankar (Director, Talent Management) at: ravi.shankar@mhlglobal.net


MHL is a driving force in the media and advertising industry. It is also a positive-change agent in the communities it operates in. While the company is growing rapidly, it is also making headlines for its commitment to improving lives in its sphere of influence through unique initiatives.

Project Butterfly

MHL has started a micro revolution in the education sector of the region. Starting in Pakistan, MHL along with Tony Buzan, the world authority on mindmapping, has introduced mindmapping on a mass scale to school-going children..... Read more

Revitalizing Mainstream Theater

MHL is a generous supporter of the arts, especially in all the markets it serves. In Pakistan, MHL made the single largest contribution to mainstream theater in Pakistan, when it selected a young theater production team to partner .... Read more