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Welcome to the intersection of heritage and innovation, where MHL proudly presents a groundbreaking fusion of entertainment platforms.


Your Timeless Entertainment Hub

In collaboration with PTV, Pakistan’s iconic television network,
MHL offers a remarkable streaming experience, honoring Pakistan’s rich TV heritage.
Classics and Modern Delights

Indulge in uninterrupted streaming on PTVFLIX, showcasing classic TV shows, dramas, music, and documentaries from our vast library.

Live Streaming and Sports

Stay updated with live streaming of PTV Network Channels, covering sports events, and breaking news, all at your fingertips.

Where Memories Live

Discover a treasure trove of 60+ years of TV history with digitized archive content, including timeless dramas and shows.

Anytime, Anywhere Streaming

Enjoy seamless viewing on PTVFLIX, streaming popular TV shows, drama, music, and documentaries on any device, suiting your lifestyle.

Viewer-Centric Approach

We prioritize customer delight using consumer science, data analysis, surveys, and continuous testing to exceed expectations.

Modern Engagement Possibilities

PTVFLIX offers AVOD and SVOD models based on content and audience preferences, ensuring a seamless viewership experience with advanced features.

Join us in celebrating Pakistan’s television heritage.
Explore PTVFLIX today, where memories and entertainment converge.

Your Gateway to Global Entertainment

With BEGIN’s AI-powered transcription and translation technologies in local languages, our deep-rooted expertise in media dynamics, our seamlessly integrated software and technology infrastructure, and our partnerships and relationships across the entire content lifecycle dive into a world of limitless diversified content possibilities, from renowned western entertainment to global sports events to exclusive BEGIN Originals.


Elevate Your Connectivity with Satellite Transponder

Partnering with global satellites, we deliver premier transponder leasing services, specializing in cost-effective, dependable, and scalable C-band, Ka-band, and Ku-band solutions.

Explore international blockbusters, family-friendly animations, thrilling global sports, and live TV channels—all tailored to your interests from our extensive content library.

Explore localized Western and international content, including Hollywood magic and enchanting animations in your language, meticulously localized based on our in-depth understanding of the content industry.

Immerse yourself in live coverage of major events like cricket, golf, football, motorsport, MMA, and more. Subscribe to particular seasons or events and watch at your time and your will.

Immerse in MHL Originals’ diverse creations by global content creators, offering a unique fusion of cultures that resonates deeply with local audiences.

At BEGIN, we believe entertainment should conform to your tastes, adapting effortlessly to your preferences, language choices, and viewing schedule. Your experience is our priority.

Step into the future with BEGIN, accessing global and local content effortlessly through our intuitive app. Experience it today and be part of the new entertainment wave!



Access a vast range of live TV channels, from local to global, all at your fingertips.

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Global Entertainment Access

Enjoy a diverse range of live TV channels, from local to international, showcasing news, shows, and global events.

Premium Content Hub

Discover excellence with exclusive content, including classics, blockbusters, and contemporary series from renowned international producers.

Unlock Business Potential

Leverage strategic content partnerships for exciting revenue prospects, fostering industry collaborations, and enhancing your viewing experience.

Stay Tuned for What's Next

Prepare for a revolution. We’re unveiling channels and content that redefine entertainment. Watch for updates on our latest partnerships, bringing the future of TV to you.

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