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MHL is disrupting the media supply chain, from content distribution to monetization. The company has a measurable track record in launching OTT and media infrastructure products that reaped considerable returns on investment for enterprise customers.


To empower the content industry by investing in innovative solutions that create disruptive products and services for the future, which enables our customers to simplify content access, streamline channel management, and create new revenue streams.


MHL envisions a future where everyone can enjoy the content they love anytime and anywhere. Our expert knowledge, custom technology, and innovative solutions empower the content industry to reach new audiences and create new revenue streams.


Merchant Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (MHL) is a catalyst for disrupting content distribution and revenue generation. Our extensive expertise, customized technology, and innovative solutions enable the content industry to expand its reach to new audiences and create innovative revenue streams. We take the lead in driving transformation, shaping a dynamic media landscape.


Driven to do what is right and to make the hard choices. This enables us to realistically assess our ability and capability to solve the identified problems.


In a complex world that is constantly in flux, we are fast and flexible to act on new opportunities quickly and effectively.


This is the fuel that makes discoveries possible and drives us to create and grow intellectual property products at scale.


Driven to question who, when, where, how, and why. It is what enables us to identify opportunities that lie adjacent to our businesses.


Our diverse, visionary team is the driving force behind our achievements. We foster innovation, success, and values, creating a supportive workplace that breeds loyalty and belonging.

Raihan Ali Merchant
With over 35 years of leadership experience in advertising, media, digital, and research, Raihan is a key figure in Pakistan’s media and advertising industry. He founded Brainchild Communications Pakistan and contributed significantly to the success of Coke Studio and the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The Government of Pakistan awarded him the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz in 2012 for his contributions to the industry.

    Raihan Ali Merchant

    Chairman & Founder

    Fatima Hyder
    Bringing 18 years of expertise in strategic planning and brand launches, Fatima has a proven track record across diverse sectors, including banking, airlines, real estate, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies like Unilever, Kraft, and Johnson & Johnson in the UAE and Canada. Over the last five years, she has been instrumental in driving new business strategies within the organization.

      Fatima Hyder

      Chief Strategy Officer

      Muhammad Talha
      M. Talha, an FCA from ICAP, holds over 14 years of expertise in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, compliance reporting, organizational restructuring, ERP implementation, IP management, and equity fundraising for global entities. He has extensive experience with companies listed on the stock exchanges, including PSX (Pakistan), NASDAQ (USA), LSE (UK), and more.

        Muhammad Talha

        Chief Financial Officer

        Jonathan Mark Tatti
        Jonathan began his media career as the Advertising Sales Head for Star TV and Zee Networks. He subsequently led the launch of KTN, Pakistan's pioneering Sindhi language channel. Jonathan served as the Sales Director at Samaa TV and held a dual role as Director of Sales at CNBC Pakistan before joining MHL.

          Jonathan Mark Tatti

          Chief Commercial Officer


          MHL is a business that has achieved greatness in the past. We can largely attribute our success to our hardworking staff. Our group of skilled and knowledgeable experts is committed to giving our clients the greatest experience possible.


          One of the core ideas I cling to is that honesty, agility, passion, and curiosity are the cornerstones of success. These principles not only characterize who we are, but they also direct our choices and behaviors.


          Apart from our fundamental principles, we consistently adapt and welcome novel methods in our sector. By using technology that lowers barriers to entry and democratizes distribution, we are upsetting the existing quo of the media supply chain. This progressive methodology enables us to adjust to different trends in the environment and helps us to outgrow ourselves.

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